The I C O N Vault

((Photography- Color of stone photography  not enhanced))

Harry Winston

Oval Ruby & Diamond Necklace

Ruby 121.51 Carats & Diamond 42.30 Carats.

SR: $1.2M  AP: $785,000

(Randolph Apperson Hearst Estate) 

Diamond Brooch

Circa 1860 -1870 with provenience

4 Main Diamonds Total 32.64 Carat- Call For Price

8.75 Carat Oval Ruby & Diamond Ring  3.20 Carats Diamond

SR: $600,000 AP: $390,000

5.05  Carat  Fancy Vivid Yellow

Diamond Ring

5.05 Carat Diamond VVS+, Side Stones: 2 D EM CTTW 2.02,

Platinum & 18K Ring. Call For Price

Fancy  Intense Pink

Diamond Ring  4.20 Carats

Call For Price

Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Earrings 

8.50 Carats

Cluster Diamonds: 20 White Pear Shapes 16.97 Carats Total Weight,


Call For Price

Oval No Heat Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

SR: $x AP:$x

Fancy Gray Blue Radiant Diamond Ring 3.80 Carats

 2 Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Shapes.

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