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With charisma, true innovation, and an inspired vision to carve a new legacy, Aldo Dinelli brings 33 years of excellence and dedication to the art of procurement, design, and craftsmanship, as well as an acute ability towards the acquisition of investment grade stones.


Born in Brasil of Venetian - Italian decent, Aldo comes from a long and well respected lineage of artisans and engineers.  Aldo was raised in Brasil, and lived abroad for most of his youth. His formative years included his attendance to the prestigious Italian Military Boys School Universidade Dante Alighieri. Aldo completed his education in Texas with a concentration in Engineering.


Once in the United States, modeling scouts quickly discovered Aldo's boyish charm and exotic good looks.  It was not long before he was signed to an exclusive contract that his career quickly took him around the world, where he worked with some of the world’s most famous designers.

Throughout his modeling career, working alongside many of the original super models, Aldo was exposed to some of the best artists and famed jewelers of the world. It was here that Aldo first developed his passion for the dazzling world of jewelry.

Starting at Cartier NYC,  Aldo was quickly taken under the wings of both Arnaud Bamberger, Executive Chairman of Cartier Worldwide, and Ralph Destino, the Chairman-Emeritus of Cartier, Inc.

It was through these relationships, that this talented young jeweler was able to grasp the respect and mentor-ship of the Quiet Legend in the industry, Louis Glick as well as these famed, powerful jewelers and "godfathers" in this industry like Simon CritchellSaul and William Goldberg.

Aldo has worked and collaborated with world renowned jewelry houses such as Cartier, Graff, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

Throughout his career as a jeweler he has courted Presidential Families, Royal Families, Kings, Hollywood Stars, Fortune 500 Corporate Executives, and Famous Athletes.

Aldo actively consults financial institutions and bankers on "Wealth Management Class" of both world class gems, and important diamonds in today's market.  The list includes the following past clients:

*  Merrill Lynch

*  Price Waterhouse Coopers

*  Smith Barney

*  Shearson Lehman Brothers

*  Lloyd's of London

*  CAA -  Agents

*  NFL  - Athletes

*  NBA  - Athletes

Sometimes referred to as "The James Dean of Jewelry" for his charm and absolute ability to be frank and refreshingly honest, Aldo has moved and expanded his operations worldwide, as he continues to build his company to new heights, one client at a time, one rare and unique piece at a time.

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Aldo Dinelli

Master Jeweler
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