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Haute Gioielli

American Crafted Jewelry With A Old World Touch, For Everyday Fashion

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Diamond  Necklace

Ruser Marquise & Round White Diamond Necklace 
85. Carats Diamond app(7GIA; D-F / VS2– SI2  Plat (16”, 12.8-18.0 0mm) 
SR: $650,00 AP: $425,000 

Apperson Hearst Brooch

(Randolph Apperson Hearst Estate) 

Diamond Brooch

Circa 1860 -1870 with provenience

4 Main Diamonds Total 32.64 Carat- Call For Price


Giallo Diamond Ring

5.05  Carat  Fancy Vivid Yellow

Diamond Ring

Rose Diamond Ring

Fancy  Intense Pink

Diamond Ring  4.20 Carats

Call For Price


Il Viola Rose

Diamond Earrings

Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Earrings 

8.50 Carats

Cluster Diamonds: 20 White Pear Shapes 16.97 Carats Total Weight,


Call For Price

Il Sole Diamond Ring

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring 20+ Carat Radiant

2 White Shields - Total Weight 1.49cts Gold and Platinum ring.

Call For Price


Il Azzurro Diamond Ring

Fancy Gray Blue Radiant Diamond Ring 3.80 Carats

 2 Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Shapes.

Call For Price

La Regina Rossa

Ruby and Diamond Ring

8.75 Carat Oval Ruby & Diamond Ring  3.20 Carats Diamond

SR: $600,000 AP: $390,000

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