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Super Gems

Rare colored diamonds are fast growing as a preferred asset class of investors around the world.

Today’s global economic landscape is quickly changing; we are living in uncertain financial and political times unlike any the world has experienced before, and investors are becoming increasingly disillusioned with traditional investments such as property, stocks, precious metals and bonds.

The flight to alternative and tangible hard assets that provide reliable returns and safety from market turmoil continues to grow, with interest building around diamonds as an asset class of choice for astute investors.

Excerpt From : "Behind The Velvet Rope -The Diamond and Gem Trade"

" I find this facet of my field most invigorating, this is where the gloves come off,

it's a big boys game.


...Through tenacity, hard work and dedication,

I now work daily with the Real Masters of the 'True Inter Sanctum' 

of the Diamond and Gem Trade,

and this gentlemen, is an absolute honor.

...This is 'the best of the best', and I have a seat at the table - among men in this business that I have great respect for.

...To be able pick up the phone and call to see and work with the

"The Most Important Diamonds and Gems in History",

and there is no "middle man"... 


This is an environment that is still based on honesty, hundreds of years of cumulative profound knowledge, and experience. A business where deals are still closed with a gentleman's handshake, and sometimes even a wax seal. "

Aldo Dinelli

Aldo Dinelli

30 Years in Diamond & Gem Trade

Investors must always keep market volatility and surprises in mind, but investment-grade diamonds rarely depreciate. Actually, as less diamonds are mined from the earth and more diamond mines close, the dwindling new supply increases the demand, and therefore the value, of diamonds in existence.

Aldo Dinelli actively consults financial institutions and bankers on the "Wealth Management Process" of both world class gems, and important diamonds in today's market.  The list includes the following past/Present clients:

*  Houston Museum of Natural Science

Merrill Lynch

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

*  Smith Barney

Shearson Lehman Brothers

*  Lloyd's of London

*  Sports Agents

*  Private Wealth Managers

*  CAA - Agents

NFL- Athletes

NBA - Athletes

MMA - Athletes

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