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Have A Conversation with Jeweler to the stars

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Aldo Dinelli

Q. What is a private jeweler? Do you have a store front?


Dinelli:  “Private jewelers specialize in handling High Net Worth Individuals by way of sourcing the finest pieces available in the marketplace, yet doing

so within a heightened level of privacy, understanding that today’s society has an acute sensitivity to identity and privacy. No, ICON does not have a

storefront, we believe that because we prefer to conduct business at the convenience of our client in their home or office, it allows us to learn a little more about our clients true “inner self.” We feel that a crucial part of finding the perfect piece for each person is directly tied to their taste in art, architecture, atmosphere, and conversation. Simply said, it’s the ICON process of educating ourselves about a client. As to the brick and mortar idea? Well, why should our clients pay exorbitant prices for fantastic jewels simply because they are indirectly paying for “our” brick and mortar?”


Q. I know that one of your closest mentors has a street named after him in New York’s famed Diamond District, was he the one that introduced you to this stunning world of diamonds and world class gems?


Dinelli:  “Yes, he was one of the first to mentor me in the beginning as well as being responsible for introducing me to other mentors, and among them, the most respected and honored jewelers in our field. It is in this process that I came to privately represent and sell jewels from the top jewelry houses in the world. This truly is a trade where strength of relationship… and who you know… sets you apart.”


Q. Your jewelry has often been compared to Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Harry Winston, what sets you apart from your rivals,

or makes your jewelry so different?


Dinelli: “We typically source even finer and rarer goods than these jewelers carry, yet do so in a way that makes much more financial sense to our clients. In most cases we present pieces that no other jeweler in the world has ever handled. Here’s a little secret, “gone are the days where major jewelry brands own 100% of their inventory. Many of the pieces you see in these jewelry houses come from the very same vendors I trade with daily. That being said, get ready for the bite.”



Q. As a celebrity jeweler, you have placed jewelry on many Super Stars like NFL, NBA athletes, Hollywood actresses like, Elizabeth Taylor, Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Presidential Families, as well as Royal Families around the world. What motivates you to find the best in the world?


Dinelli: “Let’s be honest, we would all like our home to be the prettiest home on the block. When you buy a jewel for yourself or a loved one, don’t we all want something just as unique and rare as the person wearing it? We believe that investment grade rarity is where our clients should position themselves when acquiring something special for a loved one. Our clients are even adding pieces like this to their investment portfolios and are now referring to them as “Twentieth Century’s Portable Wealth.” The fun part is, our assets are “fantastic to wear.” 


Q. Why do celebrities often use private jewelers?


Dinelli:  “Would you rather go to a big box store for a gala gown, or would you rather sip a little “Veuve” and view an entire collection in the privacy of your own home?”


Q. With all your celebrity clients, tell us about a recent transaction that stands out? 


Dinelli: “By mere chance I met an iconic professional soccer player in Los Angeles one morning while we both were waiting for a cup of coffee and after a casual conversation, he asked what I did for a living and I learned that he was looking for an emerald ring for his “fashionista” wife. I quietly sourced a ring that rivaled a piece he had seen with a Rodeo Drive jeweler. Our jewel was both larger and finer, and we subsequently saved him over $650,000.00 on his very first purchase. Needless to say,  he is kind of a loyal client now. I have yet to meet a wealthy individual that is not interested in a world class asset, coupled with a reasonable price.”


Q. Do I have to be a “celeb” to see you?


Dinelli: “Not at all, no ring is too big or too small, it has much more to do with the sentiment behind it, we enjoy playing a part in it, and we do it with passion.”

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