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 The I C O N Foundation created By Aldo Dinelli and Cynthia Pinot  Dinelli in 2011, The ICON Foundation's Mission is to develop and support programs that create and enrich the quality of life for those in need.

The ICON Foundation

The  DIAMONDS AND LOVE Charity Project, started in 2014


Schedule your private event.

Evenings filled with Diamonds, World Class Gems, Spectacular jewelry, models and Champagne.


Events glittered with Charitable contributions, auctions, silent auctions, or trunk shows.


A portion of the proceeds go to the established charity of your choice.

(Certain criteria must be met for these events)



I C O N Jewels receives an extremely high volume of donation requests throughout the year and we strive to accommodate as many as possible; however, a limited number of donations are available annually.

The following guidelines must be adhered to in order to receive a donation.  

What we donate: Our customary donation is a jewelry item of value, or items for gift bags. We do not provide monetary donations.

Applying for an in-kind donation: All requests must be must be submitted on your organization’s letterhead

or event flyer  a Minimum of 10 weeks prior to your event. 


This document should contain the following:  

 Description/mission of organization 

 The organization’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt id number*

 Date, time and location of event

 Event purpose/beneficiary  

 How the item will be used (silent auction, raffle, door prize, live auction, etc.)

 The name, address, phone & email of the contact person for the organization

 The specific address you wish the donation to be mailed to


In addition but not limited to, our logo must be present in all event media.



Questions may be directed to:

 and your message will be answered promptly.

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