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Real Love Stories

Brittany & Andres


Houston, Texas


My heart was so full the day I married the love of my life. I impatiently waited all morning to see him. What was he doing? Feeling? Was he as nervous as I am? Finally, the doors swung open allowing me to peer down the aisle and finally lay eyes on my husband to be. He had caught my eye from across the room a thousand times before but never in this context. It felt new, like the first time. I was eager to hold his hands and look into his eyes until the butterflies subsided. As soon as I reached him, I let myself forget about everything and it was just us up there reminding each other about our feelings and promising each other a stunning future


My wedding day was full of love, fun, and chaos- unquestionably a recipe for success! From start to end, the day was sprinkled with bits of our lighthearted and playful personalities. My morning began with my bridesmaids drinking champagne and getting ready while dressed in animal onesies. The fun nature of our morning kept me comfortable and calm. The nerves only began to kick in as the bridal party lined up and I knew my "big" moment was nearing. With my fathers arm to keep me grounded, I walked eagerly toward my future. We each read our individual vows with permanent, goofy smiles plastered on our faces. The ceremony flew by- it was short, sweet, and perfect. We are finally married! And now, time to celebrate! 


The reception began with our entrance. A "performance" of sorts that began with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" as we recreated the ever famous Jack and Rose front-of-the-boat scene. Just as our guests began to question our bizarre song choice, the DJ cuts to Lil John's "Turn Down For What" and I waddled down the steps in my mermaid gown next to my booty-shaking husband. Between the family dances and incredibly long speeches, we were majorly crunched for time for the most important part- the drinking and dancing! 

No more bouquet or garter toss and no slow songs. For the next hour, this was going to be a party! I was worried about how some of the older generations would respond to our 90% reggaeton playlist, but to my delight, they loved it! Everyone was dancing, laughing, and letting loose. It was incredible and my heart was so full. Before I was ready, the lights came back on and it was time for our exit! Family and loved ones lined up outside with cups of dried lavender and pelted us as we ran for safety. One last kiss for the camera and our wedding had officially come to a close. I couldn't be more grateful to everyone that made the celebration happen, all of our guests, and of course the love of my life for marrying me and allowing me the freedom to plan the day of our dreams.

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