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Why Should I Have A Private Jeweler On Speed Dial

Here are just a few reasons why you should be working with a private jeweler . Firstly, there is nothing like the private personal concierge service a private jeweler can provide.

When dealing with a private dealer you know that they personally stands behind their brand and they will do everything in order to satisfy you, the client. You get personal, private service as well as guidance and advice if needed. Another key advantage is access to a vast inventory of stones as a private dealer usually knows a lot of people in the industry and can source almost any diamond a client wants.

In contrast, retail stores typically take longer to arrange a few stones for a customer to see in person while a diamond dealer can oftentimes arrange a viewing in a much more expedited timeline.

Most importantly, one of the main reasons a person decides to go to a private dealer versus a retail store is the price. A retail store has a high overhead so they need a high-profit margin while a diamond dealer who doesn’t have to pay for the storefront or the staff and can sell for a quick and small profit in order to make the deal.

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