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Real Love Stories

Brittany & Andres

Houston Texas

"I love you,

Not only for what you are,

But for what I am when

I am with you"

-R. Croft


There was undoubtedly a bountiful amount of Tinder magic at work the day that Andres and I "swiped right" on each others profiles. After a week or so of texting back and fourth, on August 2, 2014, we decided to take our relationship to an exciting new level- so we met up at Midtown with some friends and danced the night away. I like to believe that we knew right then and there that this budding romance was going to take us somewhere remarkable. It was of course, my dance moves that sealed the deal for Andres, and for me, it was his exceptional story telling abilities. We moved in together rather quickly and adopted a gorgeous fur child to complete our fast-track family. Since then, we have steadily grown stronger in our relationship and truly mastered each others quirks. So on December 24, 2016, after an incredible day-long date of watching A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theater and then getting sushi and drinks until the sun began to set, Andres led me to a gigantic Christmas tree outside the theater where he had a handmade wreath hanging from the railing. Inside the wreath was a sparkling ornament with our initials written on it. Andres took my hands and began verbally walking me through our lives thus far and highlighting every special moment that brought us closer and love harder. It wasn’t until he dropped to his knee that I realized what was going on! He grabbed the ornament from the wreath and opened it up to reveal a gorgeous ring sitting right in the center. Through tears and the ugliest cry-face ever seen, I somehow managed to get out some word resembling “yes” as our families sprung out of the bushes and congratulated us on our engagement. It was an incredible night and I will never let myself forget how truly special and loved I felt that entire day. 


Favorite dessert: 

Brittany: cheesecake 

Andres: tiramisu

Favorite thing to do sat night:

Brittany: dinner and a movie at home with the doggies!

Andres: Netflix and wine with my wife

Favorite beverage:

Brittany: coffee... with kahlua :)

Andres: As a resident/doctor in training I have to say espresso 

What I love most about spouse:

Britany: he’s the hardest working person I know. He’s also incredibly

giving and loving so that why I continue to pretend to laugh at his jokes

Andres: she never gets tired of my unfunny jokes 

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