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Golden Girl - Now Is The Time To Buy

With Gold’s sharp decline over the past month serves as little surprise to the investors who want the asset to perform in just this fashion—that is, as an alternative to assets perceived as risky, like stocks. They’re betting that the opposite will be true as well, that gold will resume its role as protector and diversify, even inflation hedge, when what they see as bloated price-to-earnings ratios, heavy debt-to-GDP ratios among major economies and hints of higher inflation finally catch up to the stock market. As Any smart jewelry maven would think, this is the best time to buy the gold jewelry you have had your eyes on all year!

Gold and Diamond Cuff Bracelet  14K YG (70 x 13mm)  D=1.55cts app   BR40587   $4,500

David Webb Gold, Cabochon Amethyst and Diamond Necklace  18K (15" 21-24mm)  Webb  D=0.50cts app   NK40396   $50,000
Graduated Gold Link Necklace 18K YG (23.5" , 17-22mm)    NK39812   $12,800

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