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Vintage Sees a Resurgence In Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Retail is a circle, not a line, and every trend comes back again — especially styles with distinctive looks and rich stories. As a new generation of customers discovers the charms of vintage jewelry, the style and craftsmanship of eras past have become not only a driving force in design, but a lucrative business for stores looking to find the right merchandise mix to draw in an increasingly elusive millennial customer. While it’s popular with jewelry consumers across the board, estate has become especially desirable among younger shoppers. Since many estate pieces are vintage, made before factory machining became mainstream, the one-of-a-kind looks and handmade appeal are in line with today’s design trends. Estate also brings in customers who are shying away from mined stones, as recycled ones are an attractive alternative. In addition, today’s under-40 customers a